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ADR cargo transportation

Our company focuses on cargo transport, which is liable in terms of legal enactments to the ADR treaty. We offer those customers, whose transport of designated cargo is liable to the ADR treaty, complete services, which consist of consultation in the field of transport of hazardous cargo, selection of the most appropriate route and realisation of the transfer alonem fully in terms of the ADR treaty. Our company transports cargo throughout the entire European Union as well as outside of Europe.TRANSPORT BENSON AOK Ltd Company has a designated experienced safety advisor by course of valid legal requirements. Each cargo transport that is liable to the ADR treaty is transported with the agreement of our safety advisor so that the given cargo is transported in line with legal enactments and there are no complications during the transfer.

The ADR Treaty is the European agreement that governs transnational transport of hazardous materials. The treaty was concluded on 30 September 1957 in Geneva under the aegis of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and it entered into force on 29 January 1968. It has been in place in the Slovak Republic since 17 August 1986. The ADR Treaty is also valid for domestic transfer (if conditions of the transport of hazardous materials are fulfilled). It is necessary to mention that the ADR treaty applies to all of the participants of the transfer, i.e. the dispatcher, transporter and recipient, as well as other concerned (e.g. loading, packaging, filling company; operator of cistern container, etc.).

Our aim is to provide cargo transport services on professional level. For this reason the company TRANSPORT BENSON OAK Ltd employs highly competent staff in the area of ADR cargo transportation as well as external security advisor’s services. The ADR cargo transportation in our company is only carried out by drivers who are fully trained and have successfully completed ADR drivers’ training (holder of certificate – so-called orange driver’s license). When transporting the ADR cargo in a full extent, the driver must successfully complete the ADR drivers’ training. It is only in the case of so-called under-the-limit transport in agreement with the article ADR when the driver does not have to complete this training – although he must still complete so-called ‘training of other than drivers’ in agreement with the article 8.2.3 ADR. However, drivers of our company have all successfully completed ADR drivers’ training.

Exemptions are defined in the article of the ADR treaty (e.g. transport of combustible liquids by a private person of up to 60 litres per packaging with the maximum amount of up to 240 litres per transport unit). However, our company transports any cargo in vehicles equipped with ADR equipment and with a trained driver, therefore your cargo will always reach agreed location safely and on time.

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